Letter from the Editor

Brindar Sandhu

Originally published September 22, 2015

Hi there! Welcome to Inscripto, the popular science website that hosts content created, written, and produced by Emory graduate students! My name is Brindar and I am a fifth year graduate student in the Genetics & Molecular Biology program. Inscripto is a part of Emory Sci Comm, a graduate science communications group that aims to relay complex scientific topics to the general public.

Our website has been live for 5 months now, and we are constantly evolving. Starting this academic year, we hope to bring you other forms of media in addition to articles. We will venture into podcast-land by producing interviews with top Emory scientists and graduate students, so be on the lookout for those!

As scientists working in a lab all day, it’s easy for us to disconnect ourselves from the world and forget that what we do is important for the public to know. At Inscripto, we hope to bridge the general scientific knowledge gap between scientists and the public. We don’t want our politicians thinking vaccines are bad for us, do we? We want those politicians to vote in favor of funding our research, not thinking we’re wasting federal money because there’s no cure for cancer (spoiler alert: there is no cure-all).

In order to inform the misinformed or even the uninformed, we have to effectively communicate what we do. We welcome students to pitch an idea for any type of media we can put on a website, on topics ranging from current issues in their field, topics of public interest, and even their own research. So pitch an idea already!