Alumni Relations Update


Robin Harpak

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The Graduate Program in Biology Academic and Professional Achievement Award has been made possible over the last 3 years thanks to generous donations and we have the opportunity, by the end of this calendar year, to have the award last in perpetuity. Liz Ann Amadei, this year’s very deserving recipient of the award says “scholarship support is enabling her to further her professional development by attending scientific meetings and exploring new research interests.” We have a unique opportunity to match every dollar given between now and December 31 thanks to an anonymous donor to the fund.  The fund currently has just over $27,000 in it.  So, with the match, $11,500 will become $23,000 which will get us to the minimum $50,000 we need for endowment. Gifts of all sizes can add up to make a big difference and time is of the essence! Give now to support students like Liz Ann for generations to come. 

We need you! The LGS offers over 60 professional development programs a year for our students: CV to resume workshops, Mentors on Call, mock interviews, Behind the Academic Curtain, Pathways Beyond the Professoriate, and more.  If you’re interested in getting involved and giving back, contact

Calling all golfers! On March 18 the LGS will host the inaugural Jones Legacy Golf Tournament at East Lake! For information visit or contact


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