A Message from the Development and Alumni Relations

 Thank you to alumnus Tom Macek whose generous philanthropy established the new Ray Dingledine Doctoral Award. We celebrated all of Dr. Dingledine’s contributions to the department as he retired as chair of the Pharmacology Department.  Thank you to Tom and Ray for your leadership and we hope others will consider honoring Dr. Dingledine with a contribution.

·       Emory Thanks took place on November 9.  On this day, all of Emory devoted time to thanking donors across the university by writing thank you notes, recording videos, and expressing gratitude for all the ways philanthropy shapes the student experience at Emory. Thank YOU GDBBS alumni for your contributions!

·       In February Emory will have another “All in a Day” challenge where we’ll set school and university fundraising goals to achieve in just 24 hours.  We hope you’ll join us in giving back to the Laney Graduate School. Look out for more information soon via email.

·       In November, over 90 students, faculty members, and alumni came together at a restaurant in Washington DC for an Emory reception during the Society for Neuroscience conference.  Thanks to all who joined and we hope to see all of you and more next year!