Updates from the Laney Graduate School Office of Development and Alumni Relations

  • This Fall at the GDBBS Banquet, we’ll look forward to a new named award, the Margaret and Thomas Lew Graduate Award in Biochemistry, which will provide top off awards to outstanding students in the Biomedical Sciences programs related to biochemical sciences.
  • In mid-June, the MSP program will host an Alumni Symposium welcoming back four alumni: Vidya Balasubramanian, Alana Reed, Yanci Mannery, and Shannon Elf.  These alumni will speak to current students about their career paths after graduating from the MSP program. Meetings like this, a reception at the Society for Neuroscience meeting, a networking event with our Advanced Degree Consulting Consortium student group, etc. align with our goal to engage alumni through discipline specific avenues and help our students and alumni connect in meaningful ways.

Two major fundraising initiatives for the immediate future include:

  • Internship opportunities for students: To connect graduate students with important work being done outside the academy, the Laney Graduate School is seeking partnership with organizations that can provide experiential learning opportunities for top-performing doctoral students. An investment of $5,000 will fund an internship so if individuals or companies are interested in learning more, please contact Robin Harpak at robin.harpak@emory.edu
  • Emory University-Laney Graduate School STEM Research and Career Symposium- The 2016 STEM Symposium will bring faculty advisors and their students from diverse backgrounds to the Emory campus for two days of shared research presentations, networking, mentoring, and recruitment. Participants will include outstanding undergraduates intending to pursue a PhD or MD/PhD and graduate students seeking postdoctoral opportunities.  The LGS is a major sponsor of the STEM Symposium.  Many students are unable to attend due to financial burden and the LGS has limited scholarships. With your gift, students from across the US will be able to explore their pathway. To support the STEM symposium, contact Robin Harpak at robin.harpak@emory.edu

Thank you to Wells Fargo for your continued support of the Laney Graduate School!